16th May

Chhota Ghallughara

Chhota Ghallughara

The Chhota Ghallughara was a massacre of a significant proportion of the Sikh population especially by the invading Pashtun people of the Durrani Empire during the waning years of the Mughal Empire. Chhota Ghallughara is Punjabi for "Lesser Massacre". As such, it is distinguished from the Vadda Ghallughara "the great massacre of 1762. An estimated 10000 Sikhs died in these attacks. The ghallughara were not pogroms in the sense of the killing of masses of defenceless people. Since the martyrdom of the fifth Sikh Master, Guru Arjan in 1606, Sikhs have known the use of arms and the need of self-defense. They are called ghallughara because of the wholesale slaughter of the innocent, with the intention of genocide. The first Chhota Ghallughara was a dramatic and bloody massacre during the campaign of Afghanistan's (Durrani Empire) provincial government based at Lahore to wipe out the Sikhs, an offensive that had begun with the Mughals and lasted several decades. Yahya Khan and Lakhpat Rai had taken a pladge to wipe out the Sikhs. They chased the hiding columns of teh Sikh army in the wood of Kahnuwan and besiged them. Nearly ten thousand Sikhs were liquidated in ten followinb clashes. Retreating regiments of the Sikhs braved anhd onslaught under the command of Nawab Kapur Singh. Even though they were hungry, they did not lose their determination and fought on in the scoarching heat.


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16, 2018

Chhota Ghallughara

Chhota Ghallughara


17, 2018

Shaheedi Diwas

Guru Arjan Dev Ji


25, 2018

Shaheedi Diwas

Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur


09, 2018

Shaheedi Diwas

Bhai Mani Singh Ji

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