27th January


Baba Deep Singh Ji

Baba Deep Singh was born in 1682 to Bhagatu(father) and Jioni(mother). He lived in the village of Pohuwind in the districts of Amritsar. He went to Anandpur on the day of Vaisakhi in 1699, where he was baptized as Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. Baba Deep Singh took Khande di Pahul or Amrit Sanchar (ceremonial initiation into Khalsa). As a youth, he spent considerable time in close companionship of Guru Gobind Singh. He started learning weaponry, riding and other martial skills. From Bhai Mani Singh, he began learning, reading and writing Gurmukhi and the interpretation of the Gurus' words. After spending two years at Anandpur, he returned to his village in 1702 and married and settled down. He was summoned by Guru Gobind Singh at Talwandi Sabo in 1705, where he helped Bhai Mani Singh in making copies of the Guru Granth Sahib. Before departing for Deccan, Guru Gobind Singh installed him as the caretaker of Gurdwara Damdama Sahib.


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27, 2022


Baba Deep Singh Ji


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Guru Har Rai Ji


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Bhagat Ravidas Ji


09, 2022

The Greater Holocaust

Wadda Ghallughara

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